Warsaw in Wikipedia
Information about city of Warsaw on wikipedia.org

Polish forum on skyscrapercity.com
Polish language massage board on skyscrapercity forums about skyscrapers, architecture, construction, infrastructure, investments and development all aroud the world.

Warsaw developmnet forum
Association wroking for development of Warsaw.

Warsaw Skyscrapers
Site about skyscrapers in Warsaw

Architekture & Skyscrapers
Info and pictures concernig architecture, high-rise buildings and future plans for development in Warsaw.

Warsaw Skyscrapers on wikipedia.org

Commercial service providing information about architecture & development all over the world.

Aerial map of Warsaw
Orthophotomap prepered by the city hall. Allotment layers, street names, addresses. Very useful tool.

Aerial map of Warsaw from 1945
Orthophotomap prepered by the city hall. Adjusted photo maps from 1935, 1945 and 2005.

Society of metropolitan transport intergation
This organisation activities concentrate around supporting development of Warsaw's infrastructure, beltways system, roads and public transport such as trams and subway systems. This site introduces a lot of documentacion, maps and detailed plans for future development of Warsaw's infrstructure. Polish launguage only.

Very interesting web site about Warsaw's before the war architecture. Interactive areal plan of Warsaw from 1935 with lots of information about history of every street, square, monument and building. Very rich in archive pictures. Polish version only but the photograps speak by itselves.

The Warsaw Rising Museum
Offical service of The Warsaw Risig Musem. When civilians stood up against the agresor. One of the greatest battles of the IIWW changed the city forever.

Pictures of Warsaw
Some pictures of Warsaw

Everything about Warsaw's tram comunication system. Lots of information about history, presten situation and future plans. Polish only.


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