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See the largest projects for Wola district
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Marriott hotel & planned Lilium Tower

Oxford Tower (Intraco II)


Warta office tower

Chmielna Development Tower


Museum of Modern Art on Defilad square

New appearance of Orco Tower


Saxon Palace - planned to be rebuild

Warsaw Trade Tower


All Saint's church on Grzybowski Square

Rondo 1 office building


Warsaw Financial Center

Millennium Plaza office tower


Palace of Culture & Science

Ilmet office building on UN roundabout


Intercontinental Hotel

Blue Skyscraper on Bank Square


Łucka City & planned Prosta Tower

Hilton Hotel



North Gate

FIM office tower


Warszawa Hotel

autor: focus

TPSA headquarters


Golden Terraces

Apartments on Stawki st


Zlota 44

Prosta Office Center


Hines Tower

Hines Tower

Jewish Community Tower

Jewish Community Tower


Grzybowska 4

Grzybowska 4

Platinium Towers

Platinium Towers


IGD Apartaments

IGD Apartaments

Wolska Tower AZO

Wolska Tower AZO


The models are made for Google Earth environment.

The models are packed with WinRAR shareware file archiver.

1. To see the models in three dimensions you must download and install Google Earth.
2. Than download the chosen models, unpack them and double click them.
3. To see the models correctly turn off the terrain option.

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